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Hello! … my name is Alberto Lapenta, I am a passionate traveler and the founder of
Here I am in charge of everything, I am a producer, photographer, writer and filmmaker.
I have been traveling and discovering new destinations and their people for many years, visiting different hotels, tasting the flavor of their meals, and experiencing attractions, always on the go, as I like to call it «On the Go».
As a result of all this, in 2010, merges on the Internet and from that moment I focus my work and passion in one place.
At I share my travel experiences with my followers and visitors with the intention of inspiring them to travel, discover new places and fully enjoy their experiences! was born as a web page dedicated to the publication of tourism content and after a short time, with a lot of investment in travel, time, work, evolution of ideas and the essential dynamics of social networks, it has grown exponentially. That is why I decided, starting in 2018, to add to the project its television program in traditional format and on social networks.

Linkviajes 2018 is composed of three main channels
Web                                 Site/Blog
Web/TV      Linkviajes TV  Travel & Lifestyle        YouTube/Linkviajes
Web           Social Network*                              Facebook / Instagram

* The Social Network of Linkviajes is the main promotional engine of the project.

Traveling and producing

My trips, of content production, are born on the keyboard of my laptop.
Everything begins with the integral planning of the trip, Sponsors, Advertisers and the invitation to participate to the selected destinations, who, in turn, call their attractions, hotels and local restaurants.
Each trip is a production in which each participant is vital and protagonist, and at the end of which all receive good promotion!

My main objective is the realization of quality content

I understand that today, more than ever, the development of proper and good quality content in every aspect is vital, what I call Intelligent Content, because the public always values a content of interest and an experienced recommendation, and that’s what I focus on.

Publication and promotion of contents

Weekly update on Sundays, with promotion in social networks during the following week.
All the contents remain always available in the Site / Blog and are usually promoted or shared in other publications and posts.

Linkviajes TV  Travel & Lifestyle
Cycle 2018: 9 months, April / December 2018.
Broadcast: Exclusively on the Web, YouTube/Linkviajes, and Social Network.
Format: 1 monthly program of one hour, divided into several segments.
Product: 9 Programs, Segments and Promotional Capsules.
Premiere: April 2018

Social Network

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With constant updating, 7 days a week, throughout the year, the Social Network of is composed of several channels and pages.

It is our most important development, with 6 pages interacting and adding followers. There we constantly post and promote our publications and those of our advertisers, and we post the publications of the
tourist market that we consider interesting for our audience.

The Canal is new and is having a very good impact.

This Channel, which contains productions of previously produced cycles such as Planetasurf, PlanetaSur and LinkAventura and Linkviajes TV, will be renewed and updated as of the premiere of the new season of
Linkviajes / TV «Travel & Lifestyle». In the same way, your window will be updated in the main Home of

Sponsors and Advertisers is an independent media based on a classic model of production and publication of online content, supported by the sale of advertising to Sponsors and Advertisers, who participate in our
productions and have our constant promotion in the Site / Main Blog and its growing Network in Social Networks.
For Linkviajes, the prized Sponsors and Advertisers are much more than a customer who pays advertising or redeems a service. They are partners to promote with careful communication.

Published in the exclusive section «Sponsors», which is located in the two main places of the main Home, the header and footer menu, accompanied by the opening of all the contents of Linkviajes.
The Sponsors agree to participate in Linkviajes for an annual calendar payment period, regardless of the type or size of the campaign contracted.
Extra to your contract, you can agree to certain services in exchange.

Published in the exclusive section «Advertisers», which is located in the center of the main Home of Linkviajes.
The Advertisers agree to participate in Linkviajes for partial payment periods, in exchange, or with the combination of both methods, regardless of the type or size of the campaign contracted.

Services to Sponsors and Advertisers
When a destination, attraction, service, etc., joins as Sponsor or Advertiser, it receives a preferential treatment with constant promotion.
It is edited and published an exclusive Review with its relevant information, descriptive texts, photos, direct contact links to your website etc. There are also links to the contents that Linkviajes is
making about their services.
The Links to the Review’s of our Sponsors and Advertisers are shared in all related publications.

Visits and Interactions has a very good and growing daily average of visits and interactions, it depends on the activity in your Social Netwok, today mainly on Facebook, the main social channel of the project.
Linkviajes receives an average of 500 / 1,000 views of content per day, which rises to an average of 1,500 / 3,000, depending on the success of the different publications and their promotion. The average of interactions increases considerably when I’m traveling, publishing «On the Go», in real time, so I always insist that it is essential, to capitalize the work, visit the destinations with enough time to experience them, produce, edit and broadcast content . For this, it is ideal to coordinate visits for a minimum of 3 nights, and thus achieve the best possible production work.

I hope the above information has been useful and encourages you to join I remain attentive to your contact for more details.

I invite you to travel with me, to accompany me, to join!
Alberto Lapenta Travel Blog

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